Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

In order to provide high-quality products to our manufacturers, every stage of production is carried out in accordance with international standards with our expert staff.

Accordingly, our seed production is meticulously controlled at every stage in terms of plant health, purity and seed quality.


Plant Health

In order to ensure plant health and safety, our seed production is carried out in accordance with the sanitation conditions.

For this reason, the places where the species that may cause problems in production are not planted as pre-plant are selected. The production area is cleaned from possible disease factors by solarization. With the help of nets, the entry of vectors that are at risk of carrying the disease to the production area is prevented. The entrance and exit of the production personnel are carried out in accordance with sanitation rules.

Disease tests of parental seeds and seedlings are performed periodically with the help of Eliza and/or molecular markers. Field controls and inspections are followed regularly during production.

After the harvest, the washed and cleaned fruits are transferred to the seed extraction machines in accordance with the plant health. The seeds obtained from here are washed with chemicals or other applications that differ according to the species, and they are cleaned and dried.

Dried seeds are taken to disease tests and those that are found to be clean are stored under appropriate conditions.



In order to obtain a true and highly pure seed, parental productions of varieties are carried out in separate areas from other productions. With the morphological observations made by breeders and production staff in controlled areas, non-type plants are destroyed with zero tolerance. In addition to morphological observations, the genetic purity of plants is examined by using molecular markers developed by our company.

Our commercial seed productions are carried out as meticulously as parent productions. Non-type controls continue during production. In order to prevent pollen contamination from outside in the production areas, the entrance of pollinating insects is prevented with the help of nets. Each variety is produced in independent areas with distances that can be easily distinguished from other varieties.

All kinds of produced molecular markers are made ready for sale by checking their purity.


Seed Quality

In addition to disease and purity controls, germination and viability tests are repeated for each variety in 6-month periods. Germination viability tests are carried out in accordance with international standards. When deemed necessary, seed germination rate, speed and power are increased with 'priming' applications.


Our Aim

To meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level, together with our employees and collaborators, by being sensitive to people, society and the environment,

To provide sustainable added value in our country and in the international market.

To offer more than expected.