Our Breeding Programs

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Manier Seed Company We have been carrying out plant breeding activities for many years in order to increase the fruit quality, productivity and resistance to problems caused by biotic and abiotic factors. Our main is focus on growers and consumers demands.

Our breeding programs are concentrated in 7 species (Tomato, Pepper, Eggplant, Melon, Watermelon, Cucumber and Squash) that are connected to Eggplant and Cucurbit families. We work on breeding for both domestic and international markets such as Europe, the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific.

In addition to traditional breeding techniques, we use Molecular Biological methods such as tissue culture, MAS (molecular marker assist selection), Genomic and Bioinformatics in order to support them and accelerate the breeding process.We work closely with various Universities and Research Institutes in order to follow technological developments more closely and to carry out more effective research and development activities.Generally, in our breeding studies, it is aimed to develop varieties resistant to disease factors such as viruses, viroids, fungi and bacteria as well as fruit quality criteria such as flavor, color and shelf life. In addition, developing genotypes that are tolerant to abiotic conditions, such as resistance to low and high temperatures, are part of our activities.




Our tomato breeding activities are mainly carried out for the fresh market. In terms of growth structure; indeterminate and determinate, as fruit types; Flat, round and saladate types, as fruit size; We work in cocktail, cluster, standard and beef types from 30 gr to 350 gr. In addition to these, we continue to develop genotypes resistant to diseases such as Fusarium spp, Vertilicum, Tylcv, Tswv, and Nematode. Our pepper and eggplant breeding studies are continuing, and the promotion will start once the results are received.





Our priorities in developing line and hybrid cucumber varieties are productivity, quality, and resistance to fungal and viral diseases. Among the genotypes, we have currently developed cucumbers as mini and normal fruit length, single or multi-fruited at the node, spiny and Beith-alpha types.



Our melon breeding program includes mainly Altınbaş, Galia and Ananas types. Altınbaş is a Turkish-type melon belonging to the odorless group and is intended for the domestic market only.

In melon breeding, we mainly focus on features that are relevant to fruit quality such as uniform shape, color, sugar content, long shelf life and it’s tolerance to disease.

Thanks to our experience in this field and the genetic materials we have collected and developed for many years, we are in a position to develop new varieties for different species.



As Manier Seeds, the main objectives of our watermelon breeding program are higher yield, earliness, strong plant structure, fruit setting at low temperature, high sugar content, firm and dark red fruit flesh, longer shelf life, durability during transportation, adaptation and tolerance to disease. As Manier Seeds, we have very interesting watermelon genetic materials that we both collect and develop ourselves. Our seedless watermelon breeding program was successful in a short period of time, resulting in pure lines that allowed us to develop good varieties.

In watermelon breeding, the weight is of the Crimson Sweet type. We have genotypes of Crimson Sweet, All Sweet, Sugar Baby, Charleston Gray and Jubilee types required to meet the demands of our domestic and international customers.


Our squash breeding efforts started with the aim of finding varieties for tunnel and greenhouse production areas. In particular, it is aimed to develop varieties with light green cylindric fruit characteristics, high productivity and resistant to cold weather conditions. Our current fundamental work includes the development and improvement of zucchini lines to increase ZYMV resistance and resistance to some other squash diseases.

In addition, we carry out studies to improve fruit quality in areas such as color, shape, resistance to deformation during harvest and transportation, DM and PM resistance.


Soon we will share our field crops with you under Mancak Tohum.